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The Vršič Mountain Pass, with an elevation of 1.611 metres, is a high mountain pass across the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. It is the highest pass in Slovenia and the highest in the Eastern Julian Alps. It connects Upper Carniola with the Trenta Valley in the Slovene Littoral and is considered an excellent starting point for excursions to surrounding peaks. Over Vršič, there was an old trail, which was upgraded for military purposes and logging and timber transportation in the early 20th century. The modern road, now known as the Russian Road (Ruska cesta), was built in 1915–17.

The Vršič Pass is considered an excellent starting point for excursions to surrounding peaks, including Mala Mojstrovka (2.332 m), Velika Mojstrovka (2.366 m), Planja (2.453 m), Prisojnik (Prisank) (2.547 m), Razor (2.601 m), Šitna Glava (2.087 m), Slemenova Špica (1.911 m), Sovna Glava (1.750 m), and Suhi Vrh (2.109 m), or shorter hikes in the immediate area.

The trail also starts at the Erjavčeva mountain hut. There are small parking lots at the pass, but you must get here early in the morning to get a spot. If they are all taken, there is plenty of room to park on the shoulder of the road.

We arrived at the Vršič Pass at 8:30 am, and all the parking lots were filled. We parked about a quarter of a mile downhill from the Vršič Pass along the shoulder.

The trailhead is at the top of the pass, opposite the main parking lot. Look for the large Vršič Pass sign. Just a short distance away is the trailhead. Look for a red sign that points towards Slemenova Špica and Mala Mojstrovka, and then follow the trail uphill through the low spruce forest.

Several mountain lodges are located near the pass: the Erjavec Lodge or Erjavčeva mountain hut (Erjavčeva koča; 1,525 m), the Tičar Lodge (Tičarjev dom; 1.620 m), Mike’s Lodge (Mihov dom), the Forest Lodge (Koča na Gozdu; 1.226 m), and the Postman’s Lodge (Poštarska koča; 1.725 m).

Recommended Trips trough Kranjska Gora, Bovec, Slovenia

Recommended Trips trough Kranjska Gora, Slovenia

This recommendation is not just a generic travel guide. It’s a heartfelt suggestion from us, the locals living on Vrišič, who have the privilege of experiencing the beauty of these mountains all year round.

Is it Vršič pass open or just Transit

Vršič pass open or just for Transit

This sign should provided real-time updates on the status of the mountain pass. But not really for us. We always strive to have some space available, especially for our guests staying and sleeping at the hut.

How to get to Vršič mountain pass

How to get to Vršič mountain pass

There are many ways to get on Vršič pass, and some options are already explained on our website. However, we are collecting them all together and explain in this post.

Rooms and accommodations in the Alpine hut

Rooms and accommodations in the Alpine hut Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Rooms and accommodations in the Alpine mountain hut. If you reserve your stay in one of those rooms, you will be alone, whether the beds or two remain empty.

When visiting Vršič pass

When visiting Vršič pass

Visiting Vršič Pass in Slovenia promises an unforgettable experience regardless of the season, as this iconic mountain pass offers breathtaking vistas and a wealth of activities year-round.

Mountain peaks at Vršič

Mountain peaks at Vršič pass in Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Vršič Pass, nestled within the breathtaking Julian Alps of Slovenia, offers a captivating landscape that enchants visitors with its rugged beauty and alpine grandeur.

Perfect location

Erjavčeva mountain hut - Perfect location in Slovenia

Vršič mountain pass, nestled amidst the mighty Julian Alps in Slovenia, unveils natural beauty and rich history.