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An interesting fact: There is a mountain book at the entrance. It is customary for every visitor to sign in and write the direction of where they came from and where they are going. The old habit also comes from searching for missing people in case you get lost or injured somewhere on the way or in the mountains.

An interesting fact: Mountain huts that are entered in the register of mountain huts at the Mountain Association of Slovenia are obliged to offer visitors accommodation, food and drink, and assistance in mountain accidents.

An interesting fact: Beds in the hut are rented out in order of registration of booking. The reservation is valid until 19:30. Injured or weakened visitors and mountain rescuers on the campaign have priority for overnight stays.

An interesting fact: Due to the age of the cottage, the poor electrical wiring and the wooden base in the hut’s construction, there is a significant risk of fire if larger electrical consumers are connected to the electrical wiring uncontrolled. Any connection of cookers, hair dryers and the like is prohibited. If you have any additional questions, please talk to the staff in the hut.

An interesting fact: All visitors must behave in the mountain hut and its surroundings to avoid disturbing others. They must not make noise and leave behind garbage and other waste. Everyone has to take all their trash to the valley themselves.

An interesting fact: The Mountaineering Association of Slovenia recommends that every mountaineer take their trash to the valley. This is also why you will not find a trash can in the room.

An interesting fact: The Slovenian Mountaineering Association recommends that each shower be charged from 3.50 to 4.00€.


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