Private room or dormitory bed reservation

Private room or dormitory bed reservation

Private room or dormitory bed reservation

If I have reserved a three-bedroom private room for two guests, will we be alone in the room, or will there be somebody else?

In the mountain hut, we have different types of rooms.
There are two rooms with one single bed, one room with two single beds, three rooms with three single beds, four rooms with four single beds, one room with five single beds, and a floor with shared (mixed dormitory) beds divided on the right and left wings. On the right wing, there are 14 beds, and on the left side, there are nine beds.

If you reserve your stay in a private room with three beds or for beds, for example, and you are just two guests, no other guests will sleep in the room. However, you will be paying a little extra for the empty bed.



Erjavceva mountain hut at Vrsic pass in summer



Private rooms and beds in a dormitory room in the Erjavčeva mountain hut
Private rooms and Shared rooms

Mountain huts are an essential part of Slovenia’s mountain culture. They are spread throughout the country, from lowland areas to the high mountains, providing shelter and supplies to hikers and mountaineers. Each mountain hut has its own story and charm that attracts visitors while offering them a unique mountain living experience. One of the options provided by our mountain hut is sleeping in accommodation Erjavčeva mountain hut such as in private rooms or shared, dormitry rooms.

Sleeping in private rooms in mountain huts offers a memorable experience for visitors seeking more privacy and comfort during their mountain journey. Private rooms allow hikers to retreat and rest after a challenging day in the mountains. They also offer a higher level of intimacy and comfort, which is sometimes welcomed after a long day of hiking.

Private rooms in mountain huts usually have beds or sleeping mats and basic furniture, providing comfortable accommodation. Although they can vary in size and modesty, each room has its charm and uniqueness, reflecting the environment and character of the hut. They allow visitors to relax and rest after their mountain adventures.

Private rooms in mountain huts also offer more privacy and tranquillity, which is especially important for those who seek some time alone or need silence for rest and contemplation. In these rooms, visitors can find their personal space to relax, read a book, or enjoy the view of the mountain world through the window.
Additionally, private rooms in mountain huts are often equipped with basic amenities such as blankets, pillows, and heating, ensuring comfortable accommodation in all seasons. The rooms are usually well-maintained and clean, providing visitors with a pleasant and relaxing stay during their visit to the mountain huts.

Accommodation and rooms in the Erjavčeva mountain hut

Sleeping in private rooms in mountain huts can also be an opportunity to connect with other visitors who share the same living environment. Experiences, stories, and advice can be exchanged in these spaces, contributing to a richer and more connected mountain living experience.

In conclusion, sleeping in private rooms in mountain huts in Slovenia is a unique experience that offers comfort, privacy, and an opportunity to connect with nature and other people. For many visitors, this part of the mountain experience represents a precious time they will always cherish in their memories as part of unforgettable moments on the mountain peaks.


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