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Terms of Use

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(and for any other domain with the same content in different or same languages such as vrsic.si, vrsicpass.com, erjavcevakoca.si, etc)

(Hereafter referred to as provider and the website)

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Cookies are text files sent from a website and stored in the user’s web browser. They are saved on the user’s computer and enable analyses of the user’s website visits, number of visits and user interests. Cookies save basic information about a user’s browsing activity, such as names of visited websites. Cookie contents are saved in a separate folder on the user’s computer. These files contain detailed information about a visited website, date and time of visit. The administrator of the visited website also saves the data.

Users can choose different settings and manage, delete or disable cookies, but they will consequently not be able to use all the services provided by a website if they decide to do so. Web browsers are primarily set to accept cookies but reject third-party cookies.

These cookies are always enabled and essential for a website’s regular operation and basic features. They include cookies that allow users to browse without interruption, even if they are using other web pages simultaneously. They also enable uninterrupted login and logout, increase security, and comply with privacy regulations.

These cookies improve the functionality of the visited website and enable the website to remember your settings. They help improve the speed of a website or your browsing, remember frequently visited websites, and help you connect with your social networks. If these cookies are disabled, browsing the internet may be slower, advertisements may be irrelevant, and connection with your social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and others may be ineffective.

These cookies collect the information used to deliver advertisements more relevant to you and your interests on and off the website. The collected data is anonymous and does not contain personal data that may have been submitted to the website. If these cookies are disabled, advertisements might not be relevant to your preferences.

The statement refers to all data entered on the website by a user and is subsequently saved in the erjavcevakoca.si database.

Any personal data collected is used exclusively for the operation of the business and the website. However, we reserve the right to forward necessary data to sellers, banks, systems connected with paying and purchasing and any institutions required by law.

Upon registration, a user agrees to receive newsletters but can unsubscribe at any time. E-mail is provided by the Chimpmail system or similar, enabling customers to rewp-signup.php or unsubscribe from newsletters. Newsletters only include content related to website products / services and are received a maximum of once a week. erjavcevakoca.si cannot be held liable for damages or claims arising from fraud or misuse of its website. Open public data on our website may be accessed by users or third parties and may be transferred to other websites.

erjavcevakoca.si website administrator protects customers’ data and only demands necessary data for successful business operation. Customers are informed about the purpose of the data used and can choose which data is used for marketing purposes. Furthermore, customers also can select which features they wish to be informed about. All information is securely protected and accessible to employees to complete their duties. As the services provider, we are responsible for customers’ privacy in compliance with applicable laws and ethical business practices.

Paypal carries out all payments, designed so that credit card data remains private between the purchasing parties. Neither the administrator nor employees can see credit card data. This data is also not stored anywhere on our website.

We offer a security guarantee. Moreover, we try to ensure only publish advertisements of reliable sellers. We permanently partially withhold payment from sellers in case of later disputes or refunds of product purchasing. In such cases, we always protect a customer.

Our website uses coded connections, improving security and protecting providers, sellers, and customers. Coded data such as passwords are coded according to the highest coding standards and, as such, are inaccessible and invisible to everyone, including the webpage administrator—more about the SSL security.

erjavcevakoca.si products / service sales on the website on behalf of contract partners / sellers. Contract partners (hereafter sellers) commit themselves upon just visiting, using or wp-signup.phping and confirming to have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions of operating business and sales described on this webpage.

When a seller submits an advertisement, it is considered that they have accepted the conditions of business operation described on this webpage.

Receipts of product and / or service purchases are always and only issued by sellers. The customer and seller solve all potential post-purchase issues according to consumer protection laws and within the legal warranty period.

Customers must wp-signup.php on the website to purchase products and / or services. Purchase without registration on the website is not possible.

When using this website, it is understood that a customer has read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions.

In case of any post-purchase issues, the seller should be contacted directly. 

Cancellation of the booking 30 days or more after the original arrival date can be charged up to 30%.
Cancellation of the booking less than 14 days after the original arrival date can be charged up to 50%.
Cancellation of the booking less than 7 days after the original arrival date can be charged up to 100%.

All the services offered on the website by erjavcevakoca.si are the services of website management, financial transaction supervision, organization, intervention in product publishing, and sale and advertisement promotion. Both customers and sellers agree to receive newsletters and / or SMS notifications. Both customers and sellers can unsubscribe from all notification databases via e-mail and / or SMS and close their website accounts anytime.

Terms of use are applied to all website users (sellers, buyers, visitors). A user agrees to read, understand, and accept terms and conditions by using the webpage and booking. In case of disagreement with the terms and conditions of use, a user must leave the website and is not allowed to access and use it.

erjavcevakoca.si reserves a right to change any part of the website and delete any content without prior notification, including terms of use. In case of continued use of the website, despite prior exclusion from the website, he automatically agrees to new terms and conditions. a user is responsible for protecting their usernames and passwords for accessing the website. A user is also aware of potential technical problems with the website and understands that erjavcevakoca.si is not responsible for them. The website must be used according to the Republic of Slovenia laws and basic moral and ethical principles. A user cannot act harmfully or perform any hazardous internet activities or web attacks through the website. A user must respect other users. The discriminatory language will not be tolerated and is immediately punishable by banning further website use. erjavcevakoca.si reserves the right to block such users and delete their accounts and data. Any of the above or similar activities are automatically punishable with the account deletion of the offending user. Complaints are not possible. All contents published on the website are the property of erjavcevakoca.si and are protected by law. Such materials can only be used with the permission of erjavcevakoca.si (the website author and owner), which retains all rights to the website, text, and picture contents. Any copying, reproduction, transfer or content alteration without prior written authorization from the erjavcevakoca.si is prohibited.

erjavcevakoca.si is not responsible for the accuracy of the information on its website. The use of the website is at a user’s own risk. erjavcevakoca.si is not liable for any damages from the website’s usage. This includes, but is not limited to, deletion of data, viruses, technical issues, errors, omissions, theft, downtime, updates, faults, completion of business, unauthorized access, or any other forms of misuse.

erjavcevakoca.si controls all contents to assure the safety and respect of relevant laws of the Republic of Slovenia. In compliance, erjavcevakoca.si reserves the right to delete any content, or user’s account and / or prevent access without prior notification. A user agrees that all contents are public and, as a result, are not confidential. erjavcevakoca.si is not responsible for any additional content published on the website by a user or for correspondence between users. Therefore, erjavcevakoca.si is not liable for any potential expenses or damages resulting from the use of the website or any information found on the website.

Use of the website is restricted to persons over the age of 18.

Upon visiting our website, a user agrees to have entirely read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of conducting business.

erjavcevakoca.si tries to resolve all disputes amicably. In cases where this is impossible, the argument comes under the court’s jurisdiction in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Europe.

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If you have questions, contact us at inifo[at]erjavcevakoca.com or call +386.

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