Erjavčeva mountain hut at Vršič

Erjavčeva mountain hut at Vršič pass - LIVE CAMERAS

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What is happening at the Vršič pass

Perfect location

Vršič mountain pass, nestled amidst the mighty Julian Alps in Slovenia, unveils natural beauty and rich history.

Reservation system

Two years ago, when we introduced the reservation system on Erjavčeva mountain hut, we encountered considerable disapproval from some individuals to our surprise.

Skiing with Cups

One of the traditional sports is, of course, skiing. In addition to skiing, it is necessary to maintain hydration levels, where it is always important to consume enough fluids.


Razor, Vršič mountain pass. Due to its relatively high starting altitude is among the most visited peaks in the Julian Alps.

Erjavčeva mountain hut 1955

Erjavčeva mountain hut 1955 postcard. Even then, it was hidden behind famous larch trees but more diminutive than it is today.

Guest statistics

Guest statistics of the year 2022-2024. Every year when we draw the line, it is interesting to see from everyone our guests come.

Location of the mountain hut at vršič pass

Renovated rooms in Erjavčeva mountain hut at Vršič

11 private rooms and
dormitory beds floor

Experiences and Daily Trips around Erjavčeva mountain hut at Vršič pass

Getting to Erjavčeva mountain hut at Vršič from Bovec or Kranjska Gora

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