The caretakers of the
Erjavčeva mountains hut

Some time ago, they withdrew from public life and moved to the heart of nature in the Triglav National Park.
Nature and animal lovers. In principle, friendly and non-threatening. They are as kind to all people as they are to them. If you visit the cottage, be aware that you are coming to their home.
And don’t stress. Erjavčeva’s mountain hut has been known for many years as a landmark for all kinds of revellers and travellers.
Erjavčeva mountain hut caretakers
erjavčeva mountain hut ai

Simplicity inside, luxury outside

This is a mountain hut. A shelter. Don’t expect much in a room.

Best Private rooms

2x Single bed private room

1x Two-beds private room

3x Three beds private room

three beds room

4x four beds private room & 1x five beds room

Dormitory floor

Nine beds on the left side of the dormitory floor

dormitory beds

Fourteen beds are on the right side of the dormitory floor

dormitory floor

Only shared toilets and bathrooms

shared toilets

Bar and living area


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We are looking for new partners

Tell me something, girl.Are you happy in this modern world?Or do you need more?Is there somethin’ else you’re searchin’ for?


We seek a new equal partner or a couple in Erjavčeva’s mountain hut. To help our team not to get mad, we offer free accommodation, food and a fair paycheck. It comes with a unique spot to live in the national park.

You can decide if you want to stay with us year-round or just for the season from May to October. The choices are all yours.

If you want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Would you be interested to escape the world and stay with us?

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