Guides for a responsible and safe visit to nature

Guides for responsible and safe visit of nature

Responsible and safe visit

Ten practical guides for the responsible and safe visit to nature in Triglav National Park

Social media posts can have a significant impact on nature.

  • Social media posts about nature conservation and responsible visit or nature support the mission of Triglav National park.
  • Take photos and videos of the responsible and save the visit or nature.
  • Enquire in which cases you need permission for filming.

Know the forest fruits and mushrooms before you pick them. The daily limit of picking is 2 kilos per person. The selection is allowed in the 3rd protective regime in Triglav National park.

Be respectful to livestock grazing on mountain pastures. Farmers work hard to preserve traditional mountain pasture farming. Refrain from feeding livestock as well as wild animals. Keep your distance from livestock, especially if you have a dog. Permanently close the doors of the fence. Use marked hiking trails on mountain pastures.

Camping is allowed at official camping spots. There are many organised camping in the area of Triglav National Park. Swimming is not permitted in mountain lakes.

Plan a one or multi-day trip to Triglav National Park and consider the weather, traffic, available parking at starting points, available time and your physical abilities. We always plan different scenarios in case of changing climate, traffic jams or full parking. Follow traffic situation at

Summer weather in the mountains can be very unpredictable. Summer showers are more frequent, even on summer days. Follow the weather forecast for the Julian Alps. and regularly check the radar image of perception

Park your vehicle in a public parking lot and use public transport. Choose Park&Ride for free or lower-priced parking lots close to train and bus stations. Official parking lots are connected with bus routes in all municipalities of the Julian Alps.

The map in the backpack is essential as water. Choose a hiking trail regarding the hiking map and the Alpine Association of Slovenia apps or Ask tourist information centres for the current conditions. For a multi-day hike, book accommodation in mountain huts. Remember to wear the appropriate hiking shoes.

For safe hiking, carry enough water, food, clothing, and winter protection in your backpack. Carry all waste back to the valley, where we put them in the litter bin.

Choose a suitable and safe trail for hiking with a dog. Due to high summer temperatures, start your hike early in the morning and avoid rocky trails – the surface can warm up similarly to asphalt. Lead your dog on a leash to protect wildlife. Carry fresh water for your friend as well – drinking water from ponds and livestock water tanks is not recommended.

Mountains view in Triglav national park