Slemenova špica

Slemenova špica, Vršič, Kranjska Gora

Slemenova špica (1911m)

It is the classic hike that practically all visitors to the Erjavčeva mountain hut undertake. Once you’re at Vrič, Slemenova špica, become simply a must-do walk.

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About the hike to Slemenova špica

It offers one of the most beautiful views of the Slovenian mountains – Jalovec in its most crystalline rendition. Accompanied by larches and grass on the Sleme plateau just below the summit, the views of Škrlatica are also impressive. Photographers flock here most in autumn when the larches turn yellow, but Slemenova Špica is also worth visiting in other seasons, with appropriate gear and skills, even in the snow.

To reach it, we first ascend from the parking lot of the Erjavčeva mountain hut to the Vratca Pass between Nad Šitom glava and Robičje, from where there are two paths to Sleme. Of course, the most recommended option is the circular connection of both routes.

Slemenova špica, Vršič, Kranjska Gora
Slemenova špica, Vršič, Kranjska Gora