Kriški podi

Kriški podi

Kriški podi

Kriški podi

Kriški podi

Kriški podi is a remarkable high-alpine plateau within Slovenia’s majestic Julian Alps. It is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rugged terrain, and exceptional hiking opportunities. Situated near the iconic Mount Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak, Kriški podi offers a glimpse into this remarkable mountain range’s pristine beauty and raw wilderness.

Location of Kriški podi and Access

Kriški podi is located within Triglav National Park, a protected area encompassing much of the Julian Alps in northwestern Slovenia. Access is typically via several hiking routes from the surrounding valleys, including the Vrata Valley and the Krma Valley. The most common starting point for ascending to Kriški podi is from Aljažev Dom mountain hut, located in the heart of Vrata Valley.

Kriški podi

Kriški podi

Kriški podi
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Highlights and Features

Spectacular Scenery: Kriški podi captivates visitors with its stunning alpine scenery characterized by vast expanses of rocky terrain, rugged peaks, and panoramic vistas. From the plateau, hikers are treated to breathtaking views of neighbouring peaks, including Triglav, Škrlatica, and Razor.

Hiking Trails: Kriški Podi is a hub for numerous hiking trails that traverse the surrounding mountains and valleys. Hikers can explore a variety of routes, ranging from moderate day hikes to challenging multi-day treks, each offering unique perspectives of the Julian Alps’ diverse landscapes and natural wonders.

Mountaineering Opportunities: For experienced mountaineers, Kriški podi is a gateway to some of the Julian Alps’ most iconic climbing routes and summits. From the plateau, climbers can access challenging routes leading to the summits of Triglav, Križ, and other prominent peaks, providing an exhilarating and rewarding alpine experience.

Flora and Fauna: Kriški podi is home to a rich diversity of alpine flora and fauna adapted to the harsh mountain environment. Visitors may encounter alpine flowers, including edelweiss and gentians, as well as wildlife, such as chamois, ibex, and marmots, which inhabit the rocky slopes and meadows of the plateau.

Cultural Significance: Besides its natural beauty, Kriški podi holds cultural significance as part of Slovenia’s mountaineering heritage. The plateau has long been a favoured destination for mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and solitude amidst the pristine wilderness of the Julian Alps.

Kriški podi

Preparation and Safety

Fitness and Experience: Hiking and mountaineering in the Julian Alps, including Kriški podi, require a good level of physical fitness and mountain experience, especially for more challenging routes and ascents.

Weather Conditions: Weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and change rapidly, so it’s essential to check the forecast and be prepared for sudden changes in temperature, precipitation, and visibility.

Equipment: Proper gear, including sturdy hiking boots, warm clothing, rain gear, navigation tools, and sufficient food and water, is essential for a safe and enjoyable mountain experience.

Respect Nature: Visitors to Kriški podi are encouraged to practice “Leave No Trace” principles, respect wildlife, and stay on designated trails to minimize their impact on the fragile alpine environment.


Kriški podi, with its awe-inspiring landscapes, abundant wildlife, and unparalleled mountaineering opportunities, epitomizes the raw beauty and untamed wilderness of the Julian Alps. Whether embarking on a challenging alpine ascent or simply soaking in the majestic vistas, visiting Kriški podi offers an unforgettable journey into the heart of Slovenia’s alpine paradise.

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Kriški podi


Disclaimer: While Erjavčeva koča (Erjavčeva mountain hut) and the surrounding area offer breathtaking scenery and exciting outdoor opportunities, it’s important to remember that winter mountain environments can be unpredictable and potentially hazardous. Visitors should exercise caution, be adequately prepared with appropriate gear and equipment, and stay informed about weather conditions and avalanche risk. The information provided here is intended as general guidance and inspiration only. Erjavčeva koča does not assume responsibility for the safety of individuals who explore the area based on the provided recommendations. Visitors should use their best judgment and take personal responsibility for their safety while enjoying winter activities in the Julian Alps.

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