The heaters in the hut are scheduled and locked. The average temperature usually goes between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius. Please inform the hut staff if you are too warm or too cold.


All guests must change into slippers between floors. Walking with shoes in the sleeping area of the cottage can be fined up to €150, and even asking guests politely to leave the mountain hut. However, slippers are complimentary, or you can use your slippers.

House rules

We are not a hostel or hotel. We have been a mountain hut in the Triglav national park since 1901, and here you will find our differences and good practices. Feel free to read and learn more about one of the oldest and most popular Slovenian traditional mountain huts. An interesting fact: There is a[ … ]

Key deposit

When picking up the (digital) key, a deposit of €10 must be paid. If you do not return the key, you pay for it with this deposit.


Toilets on the first floor are available for guests sleeping in the hut. In case of crowds, additional bathrooms in the basement are also available. Ask the hut staff for the pin code for the doors.

An interesting fact

An interesting fact: There is a mountain book at the entrance. It is customary for every visitor to sign in and write the direction of where they came from and where they are going. The old habit also comes from searching for missing people in case you get lost or injured somewhere on the way[ … ]

Become a detective

If you notice that you have run out of toilet paper or you see dirt in the toilets or shower, please kindly inform hut staff. We clean the hut several times daily but don’t use the facilities and need to know when it gets dirty.

Opening hours

The hut is usually always open, even at night. If the doors are locked, you can ring the bell. Official open hours are in winter from 08:00 – 20:00 and in the summer from 07:00 – 22:00. Working hours can be changed by agreement with the hut staff. WINTER Breakfast from 08:00 till 10:00. Kitchen[ … ]