Is the use of drones allowed in Triglav national park?

Is the use of drones allowed in Triglav National Park?

Is the use of drones allowed in Triglav National Park?

The use of crewless aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, in the area of the national park is restricted in line with the protective regime stipulated in the Triglav National Park Act (Official Gazette of RS, No. 52/10, 46/14-ZONC and 60/17), which prohibits flights of aerial vehicles under 1,000 feet (304.8m) above the current location or an obstacle detected during flight.

UAVs without a previously acquired permit are allowed only for protection, rescue and assistance in natural and other disasters, state defence, and the execution of police tasks.

Based on the consent obtained from the national park managing authority, the use of UAVs is permitted only for the following:

  • scientific and research activities,
  • land surveying, and
  • recording films, videos and documentaries.

UAVs for film and video recording are allowed in areas of infrastructure and settlements. In the natural environment, UAVs can only be used for recording documentary and promotional films which are intended for the promotion of the park and its local communities subject to the limitations on noise for such devices and the height of flight above the areas which are classified as susceptible areas of nature and where such use has no significant effect on the elements of animate nature of the national park.

UAVs are also subject to other relevant legislation applicable to the entire area of Slovenia.

People create a cultural landscape to survive and thrive, unintentionally creating art, a magnificent mosaic of the natural environment and cultural landscape, which is exceptionally diverse and exciting in the national park area. We must respect the people who live and work in the park and co-create the area’s exceptional cultural landscape.


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