Twitter or X doesn’t work

Twitter or X doesn’t work

Twitter or X doesn’t work

Sometimes, X tweets don’t show on the page. We are constantly working on that to fix it as soon as possible. That happens when they decide to change APIs or take away the privileges to share tweets on other external pages. However, you can always see all X tweets regarding the road and weather conditions on / to Vršič pass on


Please follow us there.

The last tweet is always current, showing the mountain’s conditions. Please remember that it is always better to check more different sources to be 100% sure about the conditions on the Vršič pass.


We diligently strive to regularly update our website and all other social media profiles to provide the most current information.

When we announce on network X (formerly Twitter) that the road to Vršič has been cleared of snow or is passable, this does not necessarily mean it is open to traffic. The road closure sign is located in the valley at the entrance to Triglav National Park, which, of course, we may not be aware of.

We kindly ask that you thoroughly inquire about the road conditions before your arrival.


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