Mountain hut house rules

Mountain hut house rules

Mountain hut house rules

Mountain huts registered in the Alpine Association of Slovenia mountain hut register are obliged to provide room for visitors, accommodation, food and drink, and assistance during mountain accidents. They must inform visitors about the condition of mountain trails in the area and provide information about nearby mountain huts. They may also provide other services to the visitors, as determined by the hut manager. Members and non-members of mountaineering associations (hereinafter: visitors) are equally entitled to use the amenities a mountain hut offers. Prices in the mountain hut are the same for all visitors, except for accommodation.

Upon arrival, visitors enter their names in the mountain hut logbook.

The sleeping quarters may only be entered into an agreement with the mountain hut staff.

Drying and cleaning clothes, footwear, equipment, and storage are only allowed in the specified areas.

In the mountain hut and its vicinity, all visitors must behave in a manner which does not disturb others. It is prohibited to cause noise or leave trash and other waste behind. Each visitor must take all their trash back to the valley by themselves.

Quiet hours shall be observed in the hut from 10 PM until 7 AM. Those who get up earlier should not disturb others.

Smoking is not allowed inside the mountain hut.

It is forbidden to cook and use open fire in sleeping quarters.

It is forbidden to enter the bedrooms wearing hiking shoes or ski boots.

If the mountain hut is busy with many visitors, those visitors in the dining rooms and at the tables which have already been served should vacate their space as soon as possible to offer seats for those who are waiting.

Any deliberate or inadvertent damage caused in the mountain hut should be immediately reimbursed to the owner. Parents, or the persons accompanying children, are responsible for the children’s acts.

Those who do not comply with the house rules must leave the mountain hut.

Complaints shall be addressed immediately. If this is impossible, a written complaint is addressed to the mountain hut manager.

Mountain hut visitors are obliged to act following the ethical principles of the mountaineering code.

The beds in the mountain hut are rented in the order they are booked. Booking is valid until 7:30 PM. Injured or weak visitors and mountain rescuers on a mission receive priority overnight accommodation.

The right to use emergency beds may be exercised only when all other beds have been occupied.

If there are more people than beds, the visitors may only be deployed with the consent of the mountain hut staff.

Sleeping sheets or sleeping bags are not allowed. The beds are already prepared.

Visitors who do not have their bed sheets must pay an additional fee.

We offer discount prices for sleeping to all members of the Alpine of different countries Associations:

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • Austria
  • Germany

And many others.

The only condition is that you have a valid Alpine Association member card from your country that is valid for the current year. For example, you can’t have a Slovenian Alpine Association card if you are not Slovenian. You need to have a valid Alpine card from your country. 

We assume you were already a mountaineer before you came to our hut and asked for a discount for Members, but you may not be an Alpine Association member. It is not a secret that you can buy an Alpine card at every petrol station in Slovenia and then ask for discounts around the mountain huts where the prices for sleeping are already lower than average. 

If you are genuinely a mountaineer, you should bring the Alpine card from your country with you, which should be validated for the current year. Discount then? No problem.

In our mountain hut, we are strict about his policy also because we don’t get even a penny from the discount you are getting. We can’t afford the luxury of a 30% – 50% discount on the prices we are asking for sleeping and still paying the rent, all the costs, renovations and maintenance of the hut, and the fair monthly payment for the staff working hard long hours in the mountain hut. We simply can’t.

All visitors are provided with food, drink, and tea water. A price list for the services must be displayed in a visible spot.

All visitors may consume the food and drink they brought to the mountain hut. However, in this case, they may be charged a place-setting fee.

A customer service logbook is available at the hut for complaints and praise.

For the mountain hut stamp, ask the staff.


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