Annual operating schedule

Annual operating schedule

Seasonal operating schedule

December – March
OPEN – every day except Mondays


1st – 14th of April

15th of April – 30th of October

1st – 31st of November


The annual operating schedule can change during the low season for bigger groups, special occasions, and mountain courses! The whole mountain hut can also be reserved for special events of your choice, such as parties, birthdays and similar.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more information.

You can also check our online season schedule and know that we are open outside the regular dates if you can reserve your stay using our reservation system on our website.

Specific details, such as the open hours and season times for mountain huts like Erjavčeva koča, can vary yearly and are subject to change due to weather conditions, maintenance needs, and other factors. Erjavčeva koča, a popular destination for hikers and climbers in the Julian Alps, is the only Mountain hut at Vršič pass that operates almost the whole year.

During this period, the hut is often open daily, providing accommodations, meals, and a resting place for visitors exploring the surrounding mountains. The exact opening and closing dates and the hut’s hours of operation can depend on the specific season’s conditions, such as snow levels and weather patterns.

To get the most accurate and current information regarding the open hours and season times of Erjavčeva koča:

Visit the Official Website: Many mountain huts have websites or pages on the official sites of national alpine associations, providing up-to-date information on operating times and services.

Contact the Hut Directly: If available, contacting the hut via phone or email can give you the most current information and allow you to make reservations if needed.

Check with the Local Alpine Association: The local Alpine association or mountaineering club often has the latest details on hut operations and can offer additional advice on planning your visit.

Social Media and Forums: Sometimes, recent visitors share their experiences and updates about mountain hut operations on social media platforms or outdoor forums.

Remember, it’s always best to confirm the hut’s status before planning your trip, especially outside the peak summer months, as weather conditions in the mountains can change rapidly and affect accessibility and services.


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