Discount for Members of the Alpine Association

Discount for Members of the Alpine Association

Members of the Alpine Association

Which Alpine Associations are covered here? Do only Slovenian, Austrian or German association members receive a discount?

Yes, we offer discount prices for sleeping to all members of the Alpine of different countries Associations:

  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Bosnia
  • Serbia
  • Austria
  • Germany

And many others.

The only condition is that you have a valid Alpine Association member card from your country that is valid for the current year. For example, you can’t have a Slovenian Alpine Association card if you are not Slovenian. You need to have a valid Alpine card from your country. 

We assume you were already a mountaineer before you came to our hut and asked for a discount for Members, but you may not be an Alpine Association member. It is not a secret that you can buy an Alpine card at every petrol station in Slovenia and then ask for discounts around the mountain huts where the prices for sleeping are already lower than average. 

If you are genuinely a mountaineer, you should bring the Alpine card from your country with you, which should be validated for the current year. Discount then? No problem.

In our mountain hut, we are strict about his policy also because we don’t get even a penny from the discount you are getting. We can’t afford the luxury of a 30% – 50% discount on the prices we are asking for sleeping and still paying the rent, all the costs, renovations and maintenance of the hut, and the fair monthly payment for the staff working hard long hours in the mountain hut. We simply can’t.


Discount for Members of the Alpine Association

Members of the Alpine Association, often part of national or regional alpine clubs, are individuals united by their passion for mountaineering, climbing, and the broader culture of alpinism. These associations are dedicated to the promotion of mountain activities, the preservation of natural landscapes, and the safeguarding of alpine traditions and ethics. The scope of their activities, interests, and responsibilities is broad, encompassing everything from organizing climbs and hikes to advocating for environmental conservation and providing education on mountain safety.

Core Activities and Objectives

1. Promotion of Mountaineering and Climbing: Members engage in various forms of mountaineering, climbing, and hiking, ranging from leisurely walks to technical climbs. The association organizes group outings, provides training programs, and supports the development of mountaineering skills among its members.

2. Safety and Training: A key objective is to ensure the safety of mountaineering and climbing activities. This includes offering courses on navigation, first aid, rock climbing, ice climbing, and avalanche safety. The associations often maintain a network of mountain huts that provide shelter and safety to mountaineers traversing challenging terrains.

3. Environmental Conservation: Alpine associations are deeply committed to preserving the mountain environment. Members participate in clean-up operations, trail maintenance, and conservation projects. They advocate for sustainable practices and work to minimize the environmental impact of mountaineering activities.

4. Access and Rights: These associations often play a crucial role in negotiating access rights to mountainous areas working with landowners and governmental bodies. They strive to ensure that the mountains remain accessible to the public while respecting the rights of local communities and private landholders.

5. Community and Culture: Members of alpine associations form a tight-knit community bound by shared experiences and a deep appreciation for the mountains. They contribute to preserving alpine culture, traditions, and history through events, publications, and museums dedicated to mountaineering.

Membership Benefits

Joining an alpine association has several benefits, including access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, discounts on courses and gear, and the opportunity to stay in mountain huts at reduced rates. Perhaps most importantly, membership offers the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a love for the mountains.

Global and Local Impact

While many countries have their own national alpine clubs, such as the Alpine Club in the UK, the Club Alpin Français in France, and the Deutscher Alpenverein in Germany, these organizations often collaborate on international projects and issues. The Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme (UIAA) serves as the international federation for alpine clubs, promoting global standards in safety, training, and environmental protection.

Conclusion About Discount for Members of the Alpine Association

Through their dedication and collective action, Alpine Association members play a crucial role in the stewardship of mountain environments and the promotion of mountaineering as a respectful and sustainable pursuit. They embody a culture that values the physical challenge and beauty of the mountains and the responsibility to protect and preserve these landscapes for future generations.


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