How to properly prepare for a trip to the mountains in winter?

Winter in the mountains can be tricky. Go to the mountains adequately equipped, and learn to use the equipment beforehand.

1. Never go to the mountains alone in winter!
2. You can go to the mountains adequately equipped and learn to use the equipment beforehand.
3. At home and before the tour to the starting point, check the operation of the avalanche drill, change the batteries and use it consistently.
4. Before the start of the season, practice walking with crampons, the correct use of an ice axe and stopping with an ice axe on a slope with a safe landing.
5. You can choose routes that work for your psychophysical abilities and adapt to the weakest participant on the tour.
6. When planning a tour, take into account a short day, go on an excursion, tour or hike early enough.
7. Check the availability of mountain huts (most high-altitude and mid-mountain huts are closed).
8. For several days before the tour, monitor the weather conditions and the weather forecast for the area you are going to.
9. Take into account the data on the snow conditions – the height and state of the snow cover and the degree of risk of triggering avalanches. After heavy snowfall or thaws, do not go to the mountains for at least three days due to the increased risk of triggering avalanches.
10. Could you inform your family or friends about your travels and plans?
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