Become a detective

Become a detective

Dirty? No toilet paper?

Dirty? Do you know if there is no toilet paper?

Please communicate your needs. Don’t just think about them. Thank you!


Please become a detective and inform our staff if you need more toilet paper or see dirt in the toilets or shower. We clean the hut several times daily but don’t use the facilities and need to know when it gets dirty.


We assume you reserved your stay with us to have a great time and unforgettable memories. We can understand that.

If anything bothers you, please let us know. We can fix and improve it, and you will enjoy it more. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t say anything, hold in yourself, and later post bad reviews online.

That will not help you to have a great time and unforgettable memories.

We don’t want to sound like your mother or girlfriend, but “we need to talk!” 🙂


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